A Moment in Time

"Jeff Morris has given us, in his new novel, a taut, tense labyrinth of personal struggle that works at several levels."

Jeff Mahoney, The Hamilton Spectator

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A Moment in Time cover by Jeff Morris, Christian novel cover

About the novel

Order your copy - $17.45 (free shipping)

Preface excerpt

...it’s here that we often find ourselves, both the religious and non-religious, paralyzed in a sort of existential purgatory. It’s an easy trap to fall into because although the seasons change, and the sun comes up new every morning, we end up doing our daily business with a sense of ordinariness, as though flowers, and chipmunks, are “normal”. It’s here that we no longer contemplate the majesty of the great oak tree, or stand in awe of a ravishing thunderstorm. This state of indifference is one which, for obvious reasons, all of us should encourage each other to avoid.

"This novel reminds us that the world is a place in which, 'although nothing seems symmetrical, everything seems to fit,' and in so doing, encourages us to reawaken ourselves to the wonder and mystery of creation. An affirming, hopeful, and thought-provoking book."

-Tim Dejong, Baylor University

"...an engaging narrative that indirectly spurs the reader to consider the impossibility of living in this world without an awareness of the presence and purpose of the divine. Heartily recommended!

-Gerhard Visscher, PHD, Professor at CRTS

"It's full of atmosphere and mystery, by turns dystopian and hopeful, and as much as anything it captures the excitement of ideas and the possibilities of a transcendence beyond the rational."

-Jeff Mahoney, The Hamilton Spectator